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Licensed Florida Real Estate Broker

Slafer De Leacy Incorporated is a boutique commercial real estate and business brokerage company. We develop timely, creative and cost effective solutions to complex real estate problems. We strive to help you get the maximum benefit from the location no matter what your situation. Our clientèle can rely on the firm to tenaciously, yet discreetly assist them in meeting goals and achieving results. 

No two properties are exactly alike, and neither is the specific individual criterion of our clients. Our brokerage and consulting services are flexible and always specifically tailored to the unique requirements of each assignment the firm accepts.

The firm works with investors, developers, commercial tenants, and others. Our experience includes a wide range of properties including residential, multifamily, retail, hospitality, industrial, and offices. We have access to numerous equity and debt capital sources. Our diverse and well established professional relationships enable us to access a wealth of creativity and intellectual acumen from the real estate community. 

The firm actively seeks opportunities to collaborate on projects increase the value that we bring to our clients.