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Licensed Florida Real Estate Broker

Inquiries are welcomed from all interested candidates. Firm associates can work from anywhere. Furthermore to the best of our knowledge, licensees are not required to be be either citizens of the United States, or residents of Florida. Contact the Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC) for more information. 

Please e-mail resumes to  All qualified candidates are contacted as soon as possible.  Slafer De Leacy Incorporated is an equal opportunity employer. 

Real Estate Schools
Click any web-link below for information about licensing courses available from these real estate schools.

Tampa School of Real Estate   Sawgrass Real Estate Academy   Gold Coast Schools    

   Bert Rodgers Schools        Climer School of Real Estate       Ed Klopfer Schools
​Please Use Code BCN069

Compensation Plans
Slafer De Leacy Incorporated  offers several competitive compensation plans to licensed associates. 
  • Referral(s) Only!: This plan is for licensees with limited time and/or want to focus on the initial stages of transactions. Keep your license active and stay prepared for opportunities!
  • Trad/Flex: Individualized plans for both new and experienced associates.
​Please email to discuss your individual situation and career goals.

Qualifying Broker Program
The principal broker of Slafer De Leacy Incorporated is available as a qualifying broker. ​
  • Do you want to open your own property management business and/or real estate company?
  • Are you ready to build your own real estate sales and/or rental team?
Please email  for more information.