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Licensed Florida Real Estate Broker
Commercial Leasing 
Many people think of real estate in physical  "brick and mortar" terms, commercial tenants have “real estate” best described as the “space” where they work, create and build their business. That “space” will have a continual effect on profitability. Real estate is an integral part of any business that has a physical presence. Obtaining a suitable location at the right price is a critical step that can determine success or failure. Location influences the ability to attract customers; the size and layout affect operations, and is a major fixed expense. Site selection is especially important in franchised operations as both franchiser and franchisee have an interest in the continued successful operation of each unit.

Furthermore many business owners have been pleasantly surprised to learn that when we represent a commercial tenant, we are fully aligned with, and represent their interest, however most times either the landlord or the seller pays the brokerage commission. 

Our end user services include: • Tenant and/or Buyer Representation and Negotiations
  • Site Selection•Lease Analysis•Right Sizing and Subleasing. 
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Business Brokerage
​Some entrepreneurs prefer to purchase established ongoing concerns. Similarly, many firms looking to expand or restructure know that not all mergers and acquisitions deals are done on Wall Street. There are also those business owners who may be ready to sell and enjoy some well deserved rewards. 

Slafer De Leacy Incorporated provides comprehensive business brokerage and commercial finance advisory services. In addition the president of the firm is a licensed mortgage loan originator and can assist in securing SBA and other types of commercial financing.

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