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Licensed Florida Real Estate Broker

    The firm offers a suite of commercial real estate services to investors, developers, and also those end users that prefer to own the location their business occupies. Past projects have involved an assortment of property types including: mixed use, office, multifamily, warehouses, single tenant retail, factories, hotels, motels, bars, data-centers, restaurants, grocery and non-grocery anchored shopping centers, houses of worship, farms, etc. We can also assist in securing capital for an acquisition, or to refinance, and/or develop a commercial property. We work with all strategies, budgets, and situations.
    Additionally, the firm can function as an outsourced brokerage resource for investment managers, advisers and/or trustees. We value long term referral relationships and will provide the level of service that your clients demand. We are strong believers in the value of communication and will keep you updated. Furthermore, if your client needs to quietly and quickly dispose of a property in an “off-market” transaction, our investor database is second to none.  
  • Considering restructuring a portfolio asset that may no longer meet your investment objectives, especially in a changing global political economic environment? 
  • Seeking a replacement property to complete a 1031 tax deferred exchange?
  • Searching for “Off-Market” Properties and/or Joint Venture Opportunities?
  • Targeting “value-added” and distressed opportunities or focusing strictly on core, stabilized and/or "nnn" properties?

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The principal broker of the firm is also a licensed mortgage originator and can assist you in securing financing for all of your residential and commercial projects. Please contact him at

Many investors from individuals to large funds focus on 1-4 family houses and smaller commercial buildings. Strategies and time horizons vary from putting “sweat equity” into a local “fix and flip”, to accumulating several rental properties over time (perhaps via a self-directed retirement account), to acquiring bulk portfolios. 
   Slafer De Leacy Incorporated has established a separate division to specialize in this unique segment of real estate. Slafer De Leacy Incorporated is registered with HUD as a “Selling Broker”. We recognize the challenges of these properties. Especially if they are located far from where an investor lives, or represent a substantial portion of an investment portfolio. We understand your time is valuable, and that sometimes things can feel just a little bit different when it is your money at risk. 
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  • Do you prefer to be an active on-site property manager, or focus on the other things in your life?
  • Are you seeking mortgage financing to purchase, and/or rehab properties to flip or hold? 
  • Are you a licensed contractor looking for financial partners and/or joint venture opportunities?